Humanitarian Project

Nonprofit organization, Novosibirsk, Russia 

Mission Statement

We care about our society being part of it. United by principles of humanism and free will, we work in the areas of education, human rights, and health protection in order to improve people’s life standards.

Organization’s activities include gathering, analysis and distribution of the information about AIDS/HIV, drug addiction and venereal diseases in order to prevent their spreading in our society.


The main goal of the Organization is realization of diverse projects related to social justice and prevention of socially meaningful diseases. The projects combine such areas as health protection, culture and education in order to improve people’s lives and increase individuals’ and society’s awareness of the problems stated above.


  1. Promotion of healthy life style, improvement of people’s moral and physical condition, protection of maternity.
  2. Participation in development of sciences, culture and education in the areas of health protection, diseases’ prevention, and as human rights.  
  3. Participation in protection of human rights and prevention of potential discrimination of socially unprotected groups of people (AIDS/HIV-infected, drug addicts, violence victims, convicts, sexual and other minorities, migrants etc.)
  4. Promotion of peace and understanding among different nations by means of collaboration with other organizations according to the Organization’s mission and goals.
  5. Provision of favorable climate for consolidation of knowledge and creation of information exchange system with the aim of professional exchange, creativity development in the spheres of health protection and diseases’ prevention in culture, education and human rights’ protection.
  6. Partnering with professionals and organizations from other regions of Russian Federation and international organizations for realization of mutual programs, researches with further wide dissemination of the best practices.
  7. Assisting government, nonprofit, and other organizations’ projects’ design and realization in order to improve systems of health protection, human rights culture, and education in terms of prevention of socially meaningful diseases.    

Programs and Services

The Organization meets society’s needs by providing following programs and services:

a)      carries out meetings, consultations, seminars, circles, and other events for professionals in the areas of human and natural sciences and for general public;

b)      attracts investments for development of the Organization’s consultation center meeting the needs of health protection and education professionals, as well as for collaboration with other organizations;

c)      funds different programs and projects by means of distribution of funds raised;

d)      creates, prints and disseminates printed and other materials related to promotion of healthy life style and prevention of socially meaningful diseases;

e)      creates projects and programs improving professional skills and abilities of Organization’s employees;

f)        opens affiliates and branches on the territory of Russian Federation and abroad in order to disseminate information about health protection and diseases’ prevention.

Recently implemented projects:

  1. Health Preservation (2000-2003)

Location: Novosibirsk

Goals: Preserve health of drug addicts and raise their awareness of health issues in the areas of such diseases as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and STDs.


-          syringe exchange for drug addicts in exchange offices;

-          free advice on health issues in exchange offices;

-          regular publications related to the topic.  

Donor: Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)

2.  Youth Information Center on prevention of drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and STDs’      dissemination for adults and young people (1999-2003)

Location: Novosibirsk

Goals: Develop, publish, and disseminate information on the subject of the project with active volunteers’ participation.


-          young people’s attraction and education related to health issues;

-          volunteers’ attraction and training;

-          mass media coverage;

-          organization of workshops, lectures, trainings, and other events with over 2,000 volunteers involved and about 5,000 participants attracted;

Donor: United Nations Children’s Fund

3.  Establishment of Resource Center for prevention of drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and STDs’ dissemination (2001-2003)

Location: Novosibirsk (city, region)

Goals: Improve and coordinate activities of nonprofit organizations in prevention of drug addiction, HIV/AIDS and STDs’ dissemination on the specified territory.


-          creation of databases related to the topic of the project with public free access to them;

-          training of 98 professionals for preventive work among young people;

-          training of 84 volunteers for preventive work among peers;

-          development of new preventive technologies and dissemination of the most effective training programs through trained professionals;

-          strengthening connections and creating a network for nonprofit organizations working in the same area;

-          distribution of 15,000 brochures an other printed materials related to the topic.

Donor: United Nations Children’s Fund


Volunteers are coordinated by program coordinators and are motivated by non-monetary stimuli such as trips to volunteer camps, conferences and other events.

Governing structure is flexible, with highly democratic leadership style and collegial decision making.

Facilities and Service Delivery

Humanitarian Project’s uniqueness is based on its coordinating role of the City’s activities in the areas of HIV/AIDS, STDs and drug-abuse’s prevention by means of disseminating knowledge and preventive skills among professionals and volunteers from different nonprofit and governmental organizations. This function is very important because of high bureaucracy and slow reaction of government organizations to fast changing situations in Novosibirsk city and region and as a result their inability to meet target groups’ emerging needs. Only Humanitarian Project produces printed materials as well as books and brochures for trainers in Novosibirsk city and region. Other nonprofit and government organizations use the above-mentioned materials for increasing the quality of life of their target groups (mainly youths and teenagers). Another unique project of the Organization is a free phone consultation line that does not have any analogous in Novosibirsk city or region. This service is very important for the City as any person can address professionals anonymously and free of charge and the latters will help with necessary type of advise including further free face-to-face psychologist’ sessions.

Humanitarian Project provides different types of services consistent with their mission including:

  1. Seminars on planning and implementation of drug abuse and diseases’ prevention projects for different target groups; free consultations in the areas of AIDS/HIV, drug abuse, and STDs; volunteers’ training; production of preventive printed materials; planning and implementation of information campaigns.
  2. Partnering with other nonprofit and government organizations, providing help in the areas of grants and projects’ writing; projects’ planning and implementation; events’ planning and implementation.
  3. Maintaining information 24 hours phone line. Consultations are provided by professional doctors.

Evaluation of Effectiveness

Humanitarian project works on the basis of projects’ implementation according to the mission statement. Each project has its own goals, plan, and key success factors. The Organization periodically invites independent outside evaluators and auditors who produce reports available to general public. Projects planning for the upcoming year is made at the end of the previous year according to the identified emerging needs of the Organization’s target groups.


The idea of creation of Humanitarian Project and its design was produced by a group of professional doctors and pedagogues leaded by Denis Kamaldinov (current director of the Organization). The motivating impulse of its creation was a growing rate of such problems as drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and STDs’ spreading in Novosibirsk city and region, especially among youths and teenagers. The underlying problem causing those issues was identified as lack of sexual and health-oriented education in Russian schools, colleges and universities. That provoked the first step of a newly registered (1998) Organization, creation of information phone line, 24 hours free of charge consulting provided by volunteering professionals in health and education to the general public. However, the target group of Humanitarian Project was identified as young people and teenagers being the future of the nation. The Organization successfully implemented different projects in the areas of information spreading, training of professionals working at schools, colleges and universities, volunteers’ recruitment and training in order to solve the most important society’s problem of conservation of national health.

Now the organization has a number of accomplished, ongoing and planned projects. As the Organization is developing and diversifying its services, additional funding is necessary for projects’ development, staff’s increase and production of new printed materials and books on training.

Humanitarian Project is a nationally and internationally known organization that accomplishes one of the most important missions in the world – protecting our future generation from factors destroying its health and well being.

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тел.: (383) 209 02 18; факс: 209 02 19
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